[BPi-R3-Mini] How to create .iso image out of binaries

I’ve a set of binaries that I got from this resource: https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org/

At this stage, in order to update the OpenWRT firmware for the BPI-R3 mini, I need to assemble an image from the resulting binaries.

I believe that for this purpose a certain script is needed that performs the collection. How to do it?

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Perhaps I was still wrong in forming the topic and question. After studying various topics, I found a way to flash a snapshot into emmc memory. All stages of eMMC firmware were completed without problems. “Installation instructions for eMMC

After the firmware I switched to eMMC memory, but only interface was available to me. Next, I turned off the R3 mini and switched to NAND memory, but hw still did not boot from nand.

  • fan spin
  • LED indications
  • ping, ssh, web - not available.

Now I’ve HW with emmc running with interface available. I don’t know how to restore the device’s operation and flash it fully onto a current snapshot.

Snapshot: (r26928-238aa35c49)


  1. are emmc and nand memory connected?
  2. Why did nand become unavailable after updating emmc?
  3. Using the “Installation instructions for NAND” instruction, it is not possible to execute commands; there are insufficient rights. How to flash nand in this case?