[BPi-R3-Mini] [BPi-R3] Best option for nvme boot linux

I was thinking about the best (most simple) way to implement linux booting from nvme?

Guess pcie for U-Boot still is not implemented, so need to find another way.

I was thinking of a boot partition on emmc to load the linux kernel Image file.

Any other options?

Suse, as far as I can tell, has u-boot call grub & grub then runs the kernel. Would that not be better, in that there is a separation & grub for most people is a lot easier to administer?

Where do ATF, U-Boot (+extlinux), grub and Image all get stored? Can’t store these on nvme, as it is only accessible when linux kernel Image is running.

Is grub really easier then using extlinux.conf?