[BPI-R3] lte/4g card suggestion


As R3 only supports usb on mpcie connector i search for an mpcie lte card which uses only usb and support german/europe lte frequencies.

My favorite provider uses these bands:

  • LTE Band 3 (1,8 GHz)
  • LTE Band 1 (2,1 GHz)
  • LTE Band 7 (2,6 GHz)
  • LTE Band 8 (900 MHz)
  • LTE Band 20 (800 MHz)

Maybe change mpcie socket to ngff key e as only 3g/4g cards are supported by usb-limitation or bring 1 pcie lane from m2 sata slot to mpcie if possible to support pcie based cards too?

we use 4G main use mpcie interface.5G use m2 key b interface。and m2 key e also use with wifi module

Pcie can only be used together with 2 lanes , cannot separate 1 lanes.

5g imho needs pci+usb3,so only 4g cards will work in this slot

Do your 4g cards support the lte bands above? If yes which chip is it

quectel EC25 support.

Quectel_EC25_Mini_PCIe_LTE_Specification_V1.1.pdf (467.0 KB)

Quectel_EC25_LTE_Specification_V1.6.pdf (451.5 KB)

Thx have you tested this card?

i just ask because i don’t want to buy 50+€ and run into incompatibilities (see pin46/48 high voltage issue from r64) which will kill card on first try :slight_smile:

You could get the Quectel EC25-E LTE card ( THe “E” stands for Europe), or if you want a global one then the Quectel EC25-G (“G” for Global). Afaik all LTE cards use just the USB interface which is present in most mPCIe slots and the 3.3V.