[BPI-R3]How to flash Openwrt snapshot on EMMC?

For now I can’t find a full tutorial to flash the snapshot by openwrt to EMMC ,which is very deferent from the images that Sinovoip offered.

I understand I have to flash nand image into Nand first, then boot from nand to flash emmc, but there is no clear step-by-step documentation to refer to.

For the two methods I’ve heard,there is question:

1.I plug a USB to TTL converter to PC then with 115200Hz on the right COM, nothing display on putty. How to get in bootloader menu in the serial console?

2.I follow this to flash on NAND and stuck command

ubimkvol -n 0 -N ubootenv -s 1MiB

then it shows

error:ubi device name was not specified

Is there a well documented way for noob to flash on emmc?

  1. the menu appears only at bootup before kernel is loaded. If absolutely nothing is displayed you should check tx is connected to rx and vice versa. Which kind of serial adapter do you use? Cp210x,ch340 are reported to work well, profilic has problems

  2. afair daniel put option into the nand-uboot to flash emmc,so if you boot from nand and see menu there should be an option to flash emmc

Thank you Frank for explaining. Yes, using the serial console is the easiest way.

I forgot to specify the correct parameters for the ubimkvol calls, have updated the post now.

After I change a ch340 serial adapter hardware the uboot menu appears.Huge Thanks for your hint! Old one might be broken.