[BPI-R3] Hardware watchdog

I wonder if there is a hardware watchdog available for BPi R3 (maybe using gpio pins) to monitor the system and restart it if neccessary.

There is one in the dtsi, but it is disabled in mainline kernel.

Depends on which operating system, if that has it enabled or not, using a devicetree overlay.

You can enable it in bpi-r3 dts and if it works (i’m not sure how to test correctly) we can upstream it. No need to struggle with overlays,just change it and recompile kernel fit

I guess to test, can use this tool:

linux/tools/testing/selftests/watchdog/watchdog-test.c at master · torvalds/linux (github.com)

For now, I’m using all available time on the OEM SFP, which is not a lot…

@ne20002 : Still do not know which operating system,but, if using archlinux, just add the following file


&watchdog {
  status = "okay";

And execute script:


Then build the tool and play around with the watchdog.