[BPI-R3] Hardware Mod for more RAM?


the RAM chip on the BPI-R3 is a 16Gbit Samsung K4AAG165WA-BCWE chip.Using 1x16Gbit.

There is also a Model using 2x16Gbit for 32Gbit. K4ABG165WA-MCWE which can even be bought on Aliexpress for 15 bucks.


Would it be possible to exchange the chips and get 4Gbyte of RAM? Or is that impossible as the organisation switches to 2x16 ?


There shouldn’t be any issues with building an OpenWRT build for 4gb RAM right?

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As i know

1x16 means single channel chip

2x16 means dual channel chip with additional pins that are unused in 1x16

So unless you 100% sure at least for:

  • The SoC supports dual-channel memory (see the datasheet/TRM?)

  • The 2nd channel pads of the DDR on the PCB are physically connected to the SoC (Ask @sinovoip)

  • The SoC itself supports > 2GB of RAM

There is a great chance of failure of this operation - IMHO.

Hi, MT7986 only supports up to 16gb DDR4



Please create a 4GB RAM version by default for the BPI-R3, which make much more sense anyways I think…!

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