[BPI-R3] Good use of mcpie slot, not using lte

Since the mpcie slot only has usb2.0 capabilities, what to do with it, when not using LTE?

One nice possibility would be this:


It seems to support a wide amount of protocols and devices.

I’ve been pondering how to make use of the ‘4/5G modem slot’ in R4 as well. The slot has both USB 3.0 and PCIe 3.0 x1. Quick search can’t find expander card that can make use of both. I won’t be using 4/5G modem at all.

EDIT: these two are the interesting ones (that exist; not that I want) I found so far. Hope my search will come up with more in the future.

  • Left: UHS II SD adaptor
  • Right: USB 3.0 adaptor

On R4 (or other proper B-key sockets), USB 3.0 signal is already available on the B-key M.2 socket. The USB 3.0 adaptor simply fans out the signals and wires it to a USB Type A. It’s a ‘passive’ & dummy adaptor. Cheap to produce and hence its ‘low’ asking price of $10.

5Gbps RJ45 for $13

RealTek RTL8126 chipset

Looks attractive if you want one more high-speed RJ45