BPI R3 does not boot anymore after factory reset


I have a brand new BPI R3 and while I was trying to install the latest snapshot of openwrt on the NAND, I accidentaly ran the reste to factory defaults in the SD Card swtich configuration.

Now my BPI does not show the Boot menu in serial connection mode.

Could you help me please ? I don’t know how to solve that. Thanks for your help.

https://openwrt.org/toh/sinovoip/bananapi_bpi_r3_v1.0_v1.1 Not need serial connection.

I already read this note but it does not helped me and now I can’t boot my BPI.

The boot menu is part of uboot, it’s not built into the device. That may have been erased when you did the reset. I would suggest re-flashing an sdcard, switching to sdcard boot, and starting over that way.