[BPI-R3] Does firmware from banana's GitHub support WIFI 6E?

Hi All,

I try to download and flash latest firmware from banana’s GitHub for my BPI-R3. I double check the wifi setting about AX, there is not WIFI 6E(6GHz) to try. Anyone can help or how do I enable it? Thanks.

The BPI-R3 hardware only natively supports WiFi 6, not 6E (6GHz). This has been mentioned several times in this forum already. For WiFi 6E you would need to install an additional WiFi 6E adapter (which has also been mentioned several times in this forum).


Hi @bevanweiss

Thanks. I will check it again. ^^

Someone with edit access to the wiki needs to edit it - there are at least four references to WiFi 6E on the Getting Started with the BPI-R3 page.