BPI-R3: Connected GND to +5V

I accidentally connected the GND to 5V on BPI R3 (v1.1) and after that WIFI stopped working (No wireless option in LUCI) everything else works fine. Serial connector used was PL2303. How do I fix this?

It is a known issue with profilic serial adapters and some others

Use another serial connector, ftdi is recommended (i use ft232rl),cp2104 works too (cp2102 not)

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The cp2102 works here without problems (nearly). I just connected the RX & TX lines up. Connecting ground does make it fail however. I just had to double check. But both radios are up and running

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Ordered the ft232rl, will update after trying it. But my main concern is that when i connected GND to +5V did I shorted the board?

You could try booting board without serial connected and look then via luci

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How? iw list does not yield any results.

Your r3 schould boot without console and then you should be able to login to luci or ssh

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If without console you mean without serial connection. yes it boots fine everything works except wireless functions. And i haven’t been able to get a serial output till now (got some garbage output on pl2303 at start since then nothing).

Yes do not connect serial adapter to the board,boot up and then look into luci/ssh if wifi interfaces are available or in dmesg

wireless interfaces are not available. neither in iwlist or ifconfig. And these were the only lines related to wireless chip

[    5.375175] FIT: Selected configuration: "config-mt7986a-bananapi-bpi-r3-emmc-snand" (OpenWrt bananapi_bpi-r3 with mt7986a-bananapi-bpi-r3-emmc-snand)
[    5.388654] FIT:           kernel sub-image 0x00001000..0x0052439e "kernel-1" (ARM64 OpenWrt Linux-5.15.106)
[    5.398555] FIT:          flat_dt sub-image 0x00525000..0x0052cfff "fdt-1" (ARM64 OpenWrt bananapi_bpi-r3 device tree blob)
[    5.409757] FIT:          flat_dt sub-image 0x0052d000..0x00534fff "fdt-mt7986a-bananapi-bpi-r3-nor" (ARM64 OpenWrt bananapi_bpi-r3 device tree overlay mt7986a-bananapi-bpi-r3-nor)
[    5.425897] FIT:          flat_dt sub-image 0x00535000..0x0053cfff "fdt-mt7986a-bananapi-bpi-r3-emmc-nor" (ARM64 OpenWrt bananapi_bpi-r3 device tree overlay mt7986a-bananapi-bpi-r3-emmc-nor)
[    5.442907] FIT:          flat_dt sub-image 0x0053d000..0x00544fff "fdt-mt7986a-bananapi-bpi-r3-emmc-snand" (ARM64 OpenWrt bananapi_bpi-r3 device tree overlay mt7986a-bananapi-bpi-r3-emmc-snand)
[    5.460261] FIT:          flat_dt sub-image 0x00545000..0x0054cfff "fdt-mt7986a-bananapi-bpi-r3-snand" (ARM64 OpenWrt bananapi_bpi-r3 device tree overlay mt7986a-bananapi-bpi-r3-snand)
[    5.476745] FIT:       filesystem sub-image 0x0054d000..0x0148cfff "rootfs-1" (ARM64 OpenWrt bananapi_bpi-r3 rootfs)

edit (frank-w): added code-formatting, please do next time by yourself

Try to load the wifi-module…

modprobe mt7915e

The modules does not load. Should i post the full dmesg?

yes please add it as file or upload it to pastebin or similar and post link here…

code above is only the fit-parts, but i do not know why only these should be wifi-related :thinking:

r3.txt (23.1 KB) If there were other outputs regarding wireless i must have missed it.

this is the related output:

[    9.711194] mt7986-wmac 18000000.wmac: HW/SW Version: 0x8a108a10, Build Time: 20221012174743a
[    9.711194]
[    9.817585] mt7986-wmac 18000000.wmac: WM Firmware Version: ____000000, Build Time: 20221012174805
[    9.887498] mt7986-wmac 18000000.wmac: WA Firmware Version: DEV_000000, Build Time: 20221012174937
[   29.927795] mt7986-wmac 18000000.wmac: Message 00000002 (seq 9) timeout
[   29.934407] mt7986-wmac 18000000.wmac: Failed to start WA firmware
[   29.940663] mt7986-wmac: probe of 18000000.wmac failed with error -110

where have you connected +5v to gnd (gpio-header)? but imho 5v is not used by wifi, only 3v3 and 1v8…

do you have really unplugged serial-adapter from the board on bootup?

No on serial port (3 pin sticking out) please see the attached image . Yes i had removed the serial adapter, currently the r3 is working as a wired router.IMG_20230425_215709302~2

You might fried something… try investigating yourself by measuring the voltage on several nodes, maybe the LDOs. If not just send it to Sinovoip

ok. volt meter should be enough for this?

Sure. Just do it carefully, don’t short anything with the probes.

Hey guys there is serial output. when using a different usb module, but its all gibberish.