[BPI-R3] Cold boot - 100mbps ... warm boot 1gbps

On the R3, is anyone seeing their 1gbps capable lan connection come up as 100mbps regardless of any plugging or unplugging and the only way to get it to negotiate to 1gbps is to then warm boot the router?


please a bit more information (os, kernel version, which port, sfp?, dmesg)…

i have not seen this before

I’m just using the latest snapshots.

Seemed to happen regardless of port and I’m not even sure whether cold or warm boot helps or hinders. Even saw 100mbps using the sft rj45 that most people here seem to be using. I’m wondering if it’s due to the amount of connections being used. Power related? who know, I’m using a 12v5a supply rather than the supplied wart - it’s difficult to trust Chinese brands as to whether they are compliant.

Regarding power: How many of the RJ-45 ports and SFP slots are you using? I’ve never had any of such troubles, but I’ve also never used all 5 RJ-45 ports at once.

Another interesting data point would be the link partner and the length and type of the cable in use. Does this happen regardless of the link partner and/or cable used?