BPI-R3, CLEAN power supply needed


Can anyone recommend a really good CLEAN power supply for the BPI-R3?

Is the power supply connector documented in detail? Size, etc?

I bought my BPI-R3 kit on Amazon US. The included power supply is VERY dirty! I have found this out by using the same circuit as my clock/radio. There is MASSIVE noise when the BPI-R3 power supply is plugged in. Hope it isn’t the BPI-R3 itself… Though, typing this out, it could be?
I do NOT have it fully enclosed in the metal case. The bottom case half is on, for the antennas, which I don’t use, as WiFi is OFF in OpenWrt. I have a USB powered 80mm fan sitting on top.

I can now confirm this from additional testing.

After removing the antennas, I am not using the radios at the current time, and installing the top portion of the case, now enclosed completely in the case, there is STILL noise on the AC line.

Using another adapter from an external WD HDD, which was shucked for the HDD usage in my NAS, there is NO noise.

CONFIRMED: the supplied AC power adapter for the Amazon US BPI-R3 kit is BAD! It leaks massive noise on the AC line.

Just received another power adapter from a different Amazon US seller. Guess what, it is crap also, MASSIVE AC line. Also chinese made. All the while the adapter from the WD external USB HDD works great, clean, NO AC line noise. The only ‘problem’ using the WD power adapter is it is only 1.5 amps, shrug, I guess that would be a factor if I also used the radios, which I currently aren’t using.

Dang it, can’t find a 12V/2A adapter in the house, and seemingly, won’t be able to purchase a KNOWN good unit?

I am betting MANY people are running crap adapters and do not realize it?


BPI has their own 12V power adapter for BPI-R3, have you tested it before?

No, I bought the kit that is on Amazon US.

I bought the one from Aliexpress with Case and Power Adapter. The PowerPlug has huge Coilwhine.

That’s why i use a QuickCharge3.0 USB Wallcharger and a USB to Dc Power adapter. https://aliexpress.com/item/1005004356913604.html

Is this just a simple pass through cable, no voltage booster? So you are only supplying 5V? I am not understanding where the 12V comes from…

QuickCharge 3.0 Chargers are capable of 5.0V 9.0V and 12.V Some even up to 21V

The chip inside the cable simply simulates QC3.0 Protocol to provide 12V

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have you used this cable and had heavy load on the wifi? I tried multiple and under heavy loads, the R3 would reboot.

Thats not the Problem of the Cable but the Power source! The Cable simply sends to Voltage Commands, the whole amperade comes from the PSU. Uses about 7-11W a 15W Should barely be enough, a 20-33W Should easily cover it.

not in my experience… non of the USB to barrall worked and have many different Wattage batteries and usb ports.