[BPI-R3] case feature request

Hello everyone.

If it’s not too late, I’d like to ask for a favor to case designers team.

It would be great if the future case may have an option for a fan install. From my experience with R2 (metal case) after drilling a fan hole and running it the CPU idle temperature was lowered from ~53°C to ~33°C on 40%pwm (quiet and cool :slight_smile: ) or ~23°C @100%pwm (noisy but even cooler :slight_smile: )

So it would be great if this feature were available by design!

Thank You!

And a good mount place for the antennas

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And easy to open to get access to internal connectors (e.g. the gpio) or to replace minipci card without dismounting the full case.

The acryl cases (each side as separate part) are bad for this.

And allow enough space below the board to insert such m2-to-sata adapter and sata connectors.

a couple of 2.5" SSD/HDD mounts on bottom also would be great.

P.S. Presumptive view with all requests may look like


A bit too large :slight_smile:

That looks like one of the broadband access routers i had managed some time ago

Yes cisco asr1006 :slight_smile: definitely no private/small office use


Cisco ASR - unsure about exact model. We also used them some days ago.