BPI-R3 Boot from sd results in system halt

I have searched and read through many wikis and forums as well as github pages. I think I need to flash a boot loader to get the SDMMC to boot images again. Or alternative ways to boot sd images. In my first go I was able to boot and install to nor,nand and emmc. Somehow I think it may have been from operating the dip switches while still running? Any references to files and howto’s would be appreciated. I really like this board and plan on having it as a main gateway after ISP Modem. Apologies if I missed any mentions of my issue here or any forum. :slight_smile:


All dip switches up and flash a fresh image, that is meant for SD, to a SD card. It should be able to boot.

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this output comes from bootrom which does not find bl2 (first “external” bootheader).

just try steps from eric and make sure image is uncompressed before (unpack gz/xz). if this does not help maybe try another card

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How embarrassing! can you believe I had the SD card in the micro sim spot. Yes indeed. Thanks for helping. It helped solve my problem because it had to be something related to hardware either the card or duh! Now I can try your Debian router image Frank. 2 days. LOL!