[BPI-R3] 5GHz coexistance with AsiaRF AW7916


I having troubles setting up both APs at needed channels.

So we have MT7975 and and the module has MT7916.

The problem.

I want the MT7975 to work at channel 100. It is allowed and works when the MT7916 is not enabled.

When both APs are used setting to channel 100 and the module does not start, the 6E is set on channel 1.

The fun part, it works fine when using channel 36, but that is very crowded and not optimal.

If I try to set up countries, it does not help much, but if I try to set country to MT7916 router freezes.

I have noticed that setting up channels, if a non working one is set it shows totally wrong frequencies past 6GHz for Wifi6 modes in the luci menu.

So, any advice. If some dev picks up it, I am all open to provide logs. The problem persists on latest snapshots and few recent stables.