[BPI-R3] 4G/5G LTE Working Modules List

I guess this is an “or” list, so the module will take one available interface from these 3 possible. It will then work on r3 too,but only with pcie in m.2 slot at bottom of board using pcie or with usb2 speed in mpcie slot (needs adapter)

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Curiously, my BPI-R3 shows the following on a ‘virgin’ OpenWrt bootup:

  • Sat Aug 09 14:01:11 2023 kern.info kernel: [ 1.244388] mtk-pcie-gen3 11280000.pcie: host bridge /soc/pcie@11280000 ranges:
  • Sat Aug 09 14:01:11 2023 kern.debug kernel: [ 1.251723] mtk-pcie-gen3 11280000.pcie: Parsing ranges property…
  • Sat Aug 09 14:01:11 2023 kern.info kernel: [ 1.257976] mtk-pcie-gen3 11280000.pcie: MEM 0x0020000000…0x002fffffff -> 0x0020000000

Does this mean gen 3 pcie despite what the specs say?


The driver is named gen3 (mediatek 3rd Generation ) afaik it is pcie2

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Thanks frank-w for all the wonderful information you provide!

What is this website? Verizon? I recognized the font type immediately!

has anyone tested the rm510q-gl?

I tried RM502QAE, for quectel 5G modules, use AT commands to set module run on PCIE DBUS, and then it will be just ok as if u have a single card to transform nvme m2 keyM to keyB.

I purchased the EM7565 Sierra Wireless 4G LTE card. I see I need an adapter to install this card and was wondering my options for that as well as antennas. Thanks in advance.