BPI-R2 won't boot with Sata and Sata power attached

My BPI-R2 was working fine. I then received my 2-pin power cable for the Sata. I plugged in a Sata cable and the 2-pin power connection to the BPI-R@, and the other end to the Sata drive. When I tried to power it on, it got the normal LED flash after about 10 seconds, but would not boot. Nothing on the screen at all. As soon as I took the Sata and power plug off, it booted fine. Any ideas? Thanks.

which power-connector do you use?

the connector labeled “fan” is not for using a hdd…maybe the power is not enough to bring up a hdd

have you the ability to look on debug-uart?

I used one of the 2 power connections next to the Sata ports. It is an SSD, so it should be fine power wise. I do not have the official uart, but I may be able to rig something up. I don’t think it is getting that far though, but who knows.

ok, the the power itself should be not the problem

is the green led become brighter after 10 second press? have you an SD-Card connected or a bootable system on emmc?

normally uboot supports no sata-device, so you can first use the hdd/SSD after kernel is loaded boot-partition must be on SD/EMMC, then your rootfs (or only data-partition) can be on SATA-device

now we must know if your board boots till uboot and can load the kernel

It is booting off of SD card. I will have to check when I get home. I have a uart for an Odroid that I will have to make work. Thanks.

I can’t get the UART to output anything with the one I have. I have a new one on the way.

I did discover, if it makes any difference, that with Sata plugged in, it boots. With both it doesn’t boot. Also, with the power plugged into either power connector without the Sata, it doesn’t boot. Does someone know what the polarity should be? In case the cable has it backwards? Thanks.


What about the green led?

All good now. I was fairly sure the polarity of the cable was reversed. Once I looked at your picture, I was sure. I reversed the polarity and it’s working now. Thanks.