BPI-R2 with BPI-7615(based on MT7615) module development progress


We are developing a WIFI module which is based on Mediatek MT7615, the interface to main board is mPCIE, PCIe 2.0 x1,

More information for MT7615:

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We get the following data during bring up, not a final benchmark, just for you reference, we are still working on this module.

Great. Will it support Ad-hoc or hotspot mode?

How can we get update for the MT7615 Drivers for R2? Any information from MediaTek on enabling AP mode on the MT7615


Sorry, the MT7615 driver is no enabled to be released by us, it’s under NDA with MTK, the AP mode is supported.

Gary, So how will we get the driver once the MT7615 module is ready? Also when will the MT7615 module be ready for customers?

Test BPI-R2 7615 module with Heat Sink


@sinovoip What is that motherboard under the module?

Looks like a MT7621 reference board for router development.

Look at that, I even had a picture of the actual board laying around… Albeit in a different colour.


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does the module support dual-radio (bgn+ac)?

is there a driver for an actual kernel? I’ve found only drivers for 4.1 and 4.4

is a sample available?

The sample is not available, and the source code of this module can’t be opened because it’s under NDA. We will provide the binary of module in offcial releases.

will the binary be compatible with at least 4.14?

Yes, I think so, we are now integrating your 4.14 code to our repo, it will be available next week, so we will support two BSP-s both 4.4 and 4.14.

Just curious - did Mediatek provide the source code for 4.14 to you?

Or did you take the 4.4 code and you ported it to 4.14?

Mediatek didn’t provide source code of kernel 4.14 for us, we will port souce code from V4.16 to V4.14.

Sorry if I bug you one more time on this - I’m surprised MTK provides support for such a new kernel (4.16). So I want to confirm - this is not a typo?

Do you know if Mediatek is planning to open-source the driver in the future? After all, Qualcomm provides open source driver support for their WiFi chips.

Nope, not a typo. As you can see for example here: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commits/master/arch/arm/boot/dts/mt7623n-bananapi-bpi-r2.dts, which is based on all fairly recent commits. Sean wang is a MediaTek employee that seems to submit most of the patches to the kernel, you can check all MediaTek’s contributions here: https://patchwork.kernel.org/project/linux-mediatek/list/

FYI, I checked out master a few weeks ago just to try it out. It boots to SD-card (with Archlinux) for me, but not a lot of hardware is detected, which may be related to my configuration, but I was quite thorough with enabling MediaTek drivers. (e.g. no ethernet/bt/wifi). I didn’t check what frank-w possibly already found out and also, development is still ongoing, don’t take any conclusions based on just my test session.

As for the BPI team, they probably port back to v4.14 because more peripherals are already working in frank’s fork of the kernel, which proves it’s a more solid base and probably the least effort to make it feature complete, which is beneficial for everyone.

Maybe the BPI/Sinovoip team can also comment on this? I’m aware of the patchwork site and yes, Sean Wang is doing fantastic work, but I see nothing in there regarding the MT7615. It is still my understanding that the driver code is closed source.

MediaTek will focus on multimedia features in the next RC cycle. AFAIK, the MT7615 is still not open.