BPI-R2 | What version of SATA is supported?

What is the version of SATA ?

Is it available SATA3 ?

Bpi-r2 use asm1062 pcie to sata controller. It support sata 3

Oh cool. Thank you~!

@aesop, yes it’s SATA 3 at 6Gb/s compred to BPI-R1 which is SATA 3 at 3Gb/s

Which SATA controller (make/model/manufacturer) is in BPI-R1? Where can I find documentation for the SATA controller in BPI-R1?

I find it a little bit unfortunate from the makers that for a product they advertise as an Open Source board, have forgotten to document the SATA controller for all the A20 boards. It really looks like a neglect, as nearly every other component is documented relatively well, except the SATA controller; I couldn’t find even the make/model/chipname of the SATA controller in BPI-R1 :frowning:

you should ask this in R1-Forum…seems to be merged to M1-Part