[BPI-R2/R64/R3] OpenWrt built on devices

This isnt strictly a Banana Pi issue, but since I used a BPI-R2 and R64 to work out the bugs I thought people here might be interested. There are now instructions on how to build OpenWrt ON OpenWrt. This makes a BPI running OpenWrt essentially self-hosting. I’ve made a wiki page on the process. I wouldn’t mind some feedback to ensure this can be duplicated. It isn’t a quick compile, though.

Some care has to be taken. The BPI-R2, actually, has a little easier time of it as generating 32-bit code uses less memory. If you use an R64 for this, don’t try and use both cores until after you get llvm-bpf compiled. And follow the recommendation about having good quality storage. I haven’t done this on an R3 yet, but I’d suspect you need to limit to using two cores until after llvm-bpf is built.

All my R2s and R64, however, are now running OpenWrt images that were generated on those devices.