BPI-R2 Pro Waiting for Root device Forever after upgrading Kernel 6.1.22 -> 6.2-main

Hello all, I did a custom compile of the kernel to add IPsec, xfrm, net_key, and so on for testing StrongSwan. Thought to upgrade the kernel version at the same time.

Setup an Ubuntu 20.04 with all the tools (gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu 9.3.0, too old?), and compile went fine. Choose option 1 for packing (@frank-w 's repository). Found a SD folder. Did sudo cp * in SD/BPI-BOOT/extlinux to bpi SD /boot/extlinux/ Essentially only overwritten the Image.gz and .dtb. Booting up the bpi, and got machine stuck on Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblo0p3…

Not sure whether only overwriting two files in /boot is too naive. There are no <M> option in .config.

And also, I lost access to my Forum account from multiple IPs. Home and work native IP. Luckily, I have access to multiple WAN IPs with s2s ipsec.

Obviously getting the R2 Pro to be part of my s2s ipsec network is already too much trouble, could @sinovoip to take a look at my account?

Can you try newer 6.1-main? maybe mmc is broken on 6.2 (but should not). Do you really need 6.2 (as it is no lts kernel)? If really needed you can also try 6.5-main ,maybe bug is already fixed.

You have no new account, i don’t think there is an ip limitation here…

I haven’t drilled down to the real issue yet, it seems to be me not unmounting build folder or rm -r SD first before doing another around of fresh compiling.

I also re-applied the importconfig, and gotten rid of extraneous modules in .config, it seems back to life now.

The account issue here seems to be fixed as well.

You can disable builddir in build.conf so that no out-off-tree build is done. So all working now?