BPI-R2 Pro Sudo ./upgrade_tool uf update.img -> "Download Firmware Fail"

Hi all, I have a number of questions about installing on the R2 Pro. I make use of the maskrom method to install.

  • All the SD images I try with “sudo upgrade_tool update.img” for Linux result in “Download Firmware Fail”
  • Attempting to use the SD image with Windows also fails
  • I can flash successfully on Windows with the ECC upgrade tool with the ECC firmware (rockdev folder)
  • There doesn’t appear to be a way to use the EMMC image with Linux? If there is what is it?

Thanks for your help. There doesn’t appear to be instructions to use (ECC

I have no success in windows with the “upgrade.img” from the SD firmware image in windows.

Ok looks like one can just ignore the error.