BPI-R2 pro release date?


Hello, just asking, if the release date is already known? Even approxymately?

Didn’t found this info in other threads.

Thank You?

we do version 2.0 hardware now . change switch chip . will ready after Spring Festival holiday. if you have some project . please contact [email protected]

please change the HWID value on the new revision too. and SW1 (for bypassing emmc) should be accessable from outside (switch like power/reset).

reset-switch seems not working (imho it should do a hard reset, right?) and rtc same (have reported wei zuo). do you change iodomain?

  1. The first version is an engineering prototype, which will not be made public. HWID will only be changed after the official version is released
  2. SW1 is a download mode, which is only used in the development stage. It is not used in general products. In addition, this PIN is multiplexed with EMMC, and too long layout will affect EMMC
  3. Reset and RTC have been fixed in the next version
  4. This time, there are major changes in functions and IO

my R&D answer .

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Thanks for info,then i don’t need to try getting rtc to work. I still think pcie is broken too with some cards (mt7612/intel card).

Afaik bootorder is emmc first,then sd. And to bypass emmc a s pin needs to be shortcut. I found only sw1 for this. Which one is used for emmc bypass? Or is bootorder different?

@DeadMeat have not yet tried vop2/hdmi because posted driver still have some locking and resolution issues reported. I’m still on basic functions.

Bootroom has determined the order in which to launch, and you can only skip it by pressing SW1


Pcie problem, let’s test some more cards, see compatibility

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Thanks, so my guess is right that i need to press sw1 to skip emmc to boot from sdmmc2. Then this switch should be accessible from outside. Do you have partition sheme for emmc (boot0,userpart) so that i can try it?

I plan to try mt7615 like you today,pls try gen2 cards like mt7612. I guess it needs a bit different circuit (capacitors/resistors - modified band-pass filter) on data lines to recognize both.

MT7615 can be identified, wei.zuo is still looking to see if it can drive up, MT7612 is not tested. ASM1061 and RTL8822CE have been tested. so you can discuss it with wei.zuo

I don’t have this board :wink:

I know and i know you are interested in hdmi function (and that r3 does not have this) :slight_smile:

edit: 1080p works (basic hdmi without gpu/audio) :wink: to have fbcon you need modified cmdline (here barebox syntax):

global linux.bootargs.console="console=tty1 fbcon=map:0 drm.debug=0x7 console=ttyS2,1500000n8"

last console defined gets the login-prompt. link to my repo

verified that board boots from emmc if it is bootable, and to boot then sdcard again, sw1 have to be pressed