[BPi-R2 Pro] microSIM slot in Ubuntu 20.04


Is it possible make work microSIM slot in Ubuntu 20.04 ? I’m trying but I don’t even see the adapter listing with lshw. There is not much information about this on the internet either, or perhaps I have not searched well enough.

Many thanks in advance

You talk about bpi-r3? The sim slot is directly connected to mPCIe slot and can be accessed by a lte modem in it.

Banana Pi R2 Pro, sorry mate

Have not tested sim slot on r2pro,but i guess it is similar (acces only with modem in the right slot,afair m.2 slot)

Excuse my ignorance, it my first time with this kind of hardware. So, for the slot to work, it needs an LTE modem installed in the pcie slot? Like this: https://www.ebay.es/itm/364174645985

Many thanks @frank-w

As i’ve wrote on r2pro it should be the m2 slot connected to the sim slot (mPCIe is on R3,i thought because you posted in R3 section…i have moved topic to r2pro category)

So you need a m2 lte modem,but they are easier to find as mPCIe variants…on R3 i have a EM7455 (but for r3 i need mPCIe adapter)

Thanks for move topic to the right category and all your help. It has become clearer to me what I need.

Best regards @frank-w , many thanks