[BPI R2 Pro] how to configure /etc/fw_env.config

I want to use fw_printenv/fw_setenv to set up U-boot environment. On my sd card, the following line in /etc/fw_env.config: /dev/mmcblk1 0x3f8000 0x1f000

For example, I want to configure ethaddr, running fw_setenv ethaddr 88:88:88:88:88:88

rebooting the machine, in u-boot prompt, ethaddr doesn’t change.

Does anyone tell me how to do? thanks.

Uboot (at least the mainline one) does not support ethernet on r2pro. Which uboot do you have?

Ah, mine is u-boot 2023.07.02.

Ok,you use mainline or my version? My version may miss the env_is_in_* options as i use uEnv.txt in newer builds…before there was extlinux.conf

Uboot misses the rockchip eqos driver for gmacs. once this is available it maybe possible to add support one of the gmacs (one needs powerdomain changed)

I see, I use mainline. Thanks for the info.

be careful as mainline still have no r2pro defconfig/dts and iodomain is about to be merged…here r2pro and evb are different and this will brick your board.

make sure that at least you change this in dts before adding iodomain driver (maybe is default in 2023.10):

 	pmuio1-supply = <&vcc3v3_pmu>;
 	pmuio2-supply = <&vcc3v3_pmu>;
 	vccio1-supply = <&vccio_acodec>;
-	vccio2-supply = <&vcc_1v8>;
 	vccio3-supply = <&vccio_sd>;
-	vccio4-supply = <&vcc_1v8>;
+	vccio4-supply = <&vcc_3v3>;
 	vccio5-supply = <&vcc_3v3>;
 	vccio6-supply = <&vcc_1v8>;
 	vccio7-supply = <&vcc_3v3>;

Thanks for the heads up!!

Jonas added a basic rk3566/rk3568 board for such cases a board is not yet in uboot in his iodomain series.