BPI-R2 PRO E2DK-UEFI (just for fun?)

Hello everyone

Just tried to run the https://github.com/jaredmcneill/quartz64_uefi (a variant for Firefly ROC-RK3568-PC w/o modifications)on my R2 PRO

Surprisingly it has started, and was able to detect and boot from USB-DVD

It wasn’t able to install the Ubuntu as no SD/MMC/SATA was visible but it booted into liveCD

Both USB port works, thermal zones works, no PCIE/sata/mmc/sd (likely OK for some generic 5.15 kernel) no network.

E2DK-Ubuntu.txt (41.2 КБ)

Not very rich functional yet, but a great opportunity to boot Free/OpenBSD in some future, i think :slight_smile:

be careful booting images designed for other boards. it may breaks your r2pro because of different iodomains

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