BPI-R2 PRO BSP Image update

Hello I have an BPI-R PRO and I use bpi-r2-pro - Google Drive image on my SD card I wanna change my codes remotely. I want to download new image as .gz file and extract it and use it as new image ? Or something similar to FOTA ?Is there any way doing this Best Regards

the linked gdrive contains my images, you can of course install it to sdcard :slight_smile: but most boards had old boot-chain on emmc which will avoid sdcard with newer uboot/atf to load. so you have to press markroom button while powering on till uboot is seen on serial console, then boot linux kernel (menu) and from linux you should see mmcblk1 partitions (e.g. boot0)…this is emmc and here you have to erase first ~10MB on user-partition

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1M count=10

then you can reboot and ubot should show up without any button press needed