BPI R2 Power button override

Banana Pi R2, OpenWrt 18.06.2 r7676-cddd7b4c77, 4.14.95, emmc.

Is there a way how to override the “10secs press the Power ON” button? Id like to start the router with just bringing the power supply Voltage on.

there are 2 ways already mentioned in the forum:

  • soldering powerbutton
  • add 5v to otg-port

Thanks for pointing me right way.

hello, first work, but me pi r2 goes in an endless boot-loop with systemd. i don’t know why.

second works fine.


first is because of pmic-keys driver triggers reboot if powerbutton “pressed”

you can blacklist the mtk-pmic-keys module or disable the mtk_keyboard in your linux kernel config

see this for more: