BPI-R2 new image : Armbian with kernel 4.19.y 2018-11-5,support by armbian

Armbian preview image for Bananapi R2 / K4.19.y




supported features ?

All but: onboard wifi, power off, HDMI, RTC. Perhaps some other minor things …

Power off and RTC was already fixed but is not yet present in the image.

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Hdmi (old patches), rtc and wifi are already ported to 4.19 see my kernel-repo

But nice that there is an archlinux-image is also now there. And with actual kernwl (imho currently too new).

Yes, I have been doing some research at your good work. I tried to bring up wifi with this patch https://pastebin.com/0zq4p513 but didn’t have luck. Not sure what is still missing. I guess slowly we will fix missing things …

Dts-patches are not enough…you need much more

See https://github.com/frank-w/BPI-R2-4.14/commits/4.19-wifi_new

3 commits begin with [wifi]

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Hmm. Mainline u-boot + sources from this branch, your config https://pastebin.com/X8fp3zjP and boot parameters. No wifi: https://pastebin.com/ZnHiGhDL Any clue? Do I need anything extra in user space?

Can you point me to some proven image to see if wifi is not broken?

You can bootup my debian- or ubuntu-image and run wifi.sh (script which runs wmt-tools to create wifi-device and start hostapd)…but my images only contain 4.14.x

Have you added the driver-code?

Config and dts are not enough

according to this page: https://www.armbian.com/bananapi-r2/ 3rd party hardware USB WIFI AC (Realtek 8814AU) was tested or not (on BPI R2)?

Yes. It works perfectly fine. With Armbian.

Images were rebuilt - fixed power down, onboard wireless (but disabled due to poor performance) … and enabled and tested many 3rd party mPCI cards and USB adaptors.

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Another rebuild - eMMC install is working now.

btw. i have uploaded today ~700MB in 5 Minutes (~2m away from r2) over internal wifi-card and over lan0 to my NAS =~ 2,3 MB/s (kernel 4.14.52 on debian stretch, 1 client simultanously connected 2.4GHz, 3 wifi overlapping on same channel [2])

are there any option to upgrade eMMc install? (from your latest rebuild)

That is nice. I had different kind of troubles - I can connect to my router but not long after driver is crashed. I might look into this once again when I find some time.

No. Those kernels are too different which means a lot of work. Except HDMI, there is nothing that important left to port.

No, only supported builds have that luxury. This require costly manual intervention and is directly connected with our small resources.

which Parts are too different? it’s mainline-Kernel, i’ve added features by merges, which you can also use to integrate in your Kernel…

Sorry, mixed for BSP kernel.

Hello, I have installed desktop env. in Armbian, but there is no graphics driver for Mali GPU, so when I’m connected via remote desktop from Windows, visual response is very slow and it is not possible to start a web browser (Chromium, Firefox etc.) due to missing GPU driver too. Could someone help me, ideally step by step, how to compile GPU driver (for example this https://developer.arm.com/products/software/mali-drivers/utgard-kernel). I am newbie, so I do not know, how to do that, or if is it possible to simply copy&paste driver and its components from previous Linux Distros with installed desktop env. Thanks for answer

hello dear all - can i run this new image on a Banana Pi M2 ?

love to hear from you


Video or any other acceleration doesn’t work via remote desktop. Will never work. MALI is no GPU driver but 3D engine usable mainly for gaming, KODI menus, etc … Video acceleration within a Chromium is not developed on any ARM linux because (free software) development is complex and expensive.

There is no step by step and usually its a lot of work. Also for those who understand things and for you if you want to learn.

@say_hello Bananapi M2 Browse: https://www.armbian.com/download/?tx_maker=sinovoip or pick M2: https://www.armbian.com/bananapi-m2u/