BPI-R2 New image : 2018-01-12-centos-7-lite

BPI-R2 CentOS lite image 2018-01-04



MD5: 48c39640bd6ce11331dfdce86543e194

Google Drive:

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Wie ist das Passwort?!

please in english…password should be like in other images root/bananapi

Hi, I’m using nmcli to connect to my wifi. I have a problem, when I try to connect an already configured connection, after a reboot, I get: Connection activation failed: No suitable device found for this connection. I tried to solve this issue by setting connection.interface-name if I try to connect the wifi with: nmcli device wifi connect <ssid> password <password> it works but it create a new connection and the ip address is different, wich is a problem.

also I’d like to have the bpi connecting the wifi at boot automatically.

on r2 the wifi-device is actually created via script. Maybe it is not ready in the moment your settings are applied.

Hi frank-w.

I noticed the script used to create the wifi. I’m waiting the creation of the device before trying to connect an already configured connection.

also, can I know why the wifi is created by script ?

The wifi needs to be initialized by wmt-tools because kernel-driver is ported from android

good night, I’m trying to start bpi r2 with this centos7 image because I want to use it to install Issabel and it needs to be centos7, but it does not start up, the green led is on it appears a purple color on the monitor but it does not go away of this. I did the test using the iso of ubuntu and initialized normal the equipment, can someone help me in how to solve this?

Thank you.

Hello, what’s statue of LEDs on R2, the green and red led should on.

the purple color is uboot show on display.

do you use debug console, show the log, then we could know where it stuck.

I scanned the network and found it on the network, even not giving the image after the purple screen it connects and I can access via ssh. I’m trying to install Issabel or Elastix but until now I could not get out of the place.

Thank you.

After each reboot the MAC address of the device changes, how to stop this and prescribe a static IP and MAC address.

In the directory /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts there are no files for interfaces eth0 and eth1, only for lo. If you add them there ifcfg-eht0 and write everything in, nothing will change and nothing will work.

Maybe use udev?


thx, it looks like solution