[BPI-R2] MT7615 Wifi no IR flag

Hello guys hopefully somebody can help me here. I recently got a R2 and a MT7615 card for Wifi, my image is a self-build Alpine 3.13.3 and it works great.

Now after I got the internal wifi working and now wanted to add a better card I aquired the MT7615 card, but ever 5GHz channel has the “no IR” flag which means no channel is usable. Hence hostapd will not select a channel.

I use @frank-w kernel 5.10 and have also tried 5.4 both have the same issue. I have the “wireless-regdb” package installed the kernel still erros with “platform regulatory.0: Direct firmware load for regulatory.db failed with error -2” “cfg80211: failed to load regulatory.db” I also tried to compile the kernels with cfg80211 as a module which fails. Lots of “undefined reference” errors. Hence I cannot pass any argument to cfg80211 like described in multiple wikis.

“iw reg set US” or any other (DE,GB,JP) doesn’t work. I need help it seems I cannot do anything.

in debian you have to install regdb, iw and maybe others.


I’m using Alpine Linux, regdb and iw is installed. Alpine doesn’t have the crda package anymore. Can be checked here for why:


I checked your wiki first and foremost before I even made this thread, nothing in there could help me.

then it looks like you need to recompile Kernel with CONFIG_CFG80211_INTERNAL_REGDB enabled

just compile kernel using the build.sh on debian/ubuntu-Host…there should be no undefined symbols if you only add this option…cfg80211 should be already a module

I’ve been compiling your kernel how it is described in your wiki

./build.sh importconfig

./build.sh config (checking some things here)


Your config uses CFG80211=y if I change it in the menuconfig to M there are a lot of errors.

“CONFIG_CFG80211_INTERNAL_REGDB” seems to not exist in “net/wireless/Kconfig” I’m using your branch “5.10-main”, should I use another one?

I just added the “CONFIG_CFG80211_INTERNAL_REGDB=y” to .config and am now compiling. Will report back if it did anything.

Oh and I compile on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

After recompiling with “CONFIG_CFG80211_INTERNAL_REGDB=y” in the .config again and uploading everything to my R2 it’s still the same. Nothing changed.

From what I read in the kernel patchwork this option doesn’t exist anymore?

The patch you’ve linked adds this option (CONFIG_CFG80211_INTERNAL_REGDB),but maybe it cannot be set in menuconfig

Ok,seems builtin,i thought i had it made as module because of this (pass reg domain).

Please do not change .config directly as there may be depencies…change it in menuconfig (./build.sh config)

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https://patchwork.kernel.org/project/linux-wireless/patch/[email protected]/

Said option doesn’t exist anymore hence no option in menuconfig nor any mention anymore in “net/wireless/Kconfig”

So alpine needs the package again :slight_smile:

According to what I’m reading crda should not be need anymore as the kernel now does everything with the regulatory.db but the kernel doesn’t load it, failing with:

“platform regulatory.0: Direct firmware load for regulatory.db failed with error -2”

“cfg80211: failed to load regulatory.db”

There is a regulatory.db file in /lib/firmware due to the wireless-regdb package, why doesn’t the kernel load it? What does error -2 mean?

Have you both files copied to /lib/firmware:

Btw error is printed here for further investigation


btw. i get same info on bootup and it seems not related

root@bpi-r2:~# dmesg | grep regulatory                                          
[    8.439895] cfg80211: Loading compiled-in X.509 certificates for regulatory e
[    8.464767] platform regulatory.0: Direct firmware load for regulatory.db fa2
[    8.473454] cfg80211: failed to load regulatory.db                           
root@bpi-r2:~# iw reg get                                                       
country 00: DFS-UNSET                                                           
        (2402 - 2472 @ 40), (N/A, 20), (N/A)                                    
        (2457 - 2482 @ 20), (N/A, 20), (N/A), AUTO-BW, NO-IR                    
        (2474 - 2494 @ 20), (N/A, 20), (N/A), NO-OFDM, NO-IR                    
        (5170 - 5250 @ 80), (N/A, 20), (N/A), AUTO-BW, NO-IR                    
        (5250 - 5330 @ 80), (N/A, 20), (0 ms), DFS, AUTO-BW, NO-IR              
        (5490 - 5730 @ 160), (N/A, 20), (0 ms), DFS, NO-IR                      
        (5735 - 5835 @ 80), (N/A, 20), (N/A), NO-IR                             
        (57240 - 63720 @ 2160), (N/A, 0), (N/A)                                 
root@bpi-r2:~# iw reg set DE                                                    
root@bpi-r2:~# iw reg get                                                       
country DE: DFS-ETSI                                                            
        (2400 - 2483 @ 40), (N/A, 20), (N/A)                                    
        (5150 - 5250 @ 80), (N/A, 20), (N/A), NO-OUTDOOR, AUTO-BW               
        (5250 - 5350 @ 80), (N/A, 20), (0 ms), NO-OUTDOOR, DFS, AUTO-BW         
        (5470 - 5725 @ 160), (N/A, 26), (0 ms), DFS                             
        (5725 - 5875 @ 80), (N/A, 13), (N/A)                                    
        (57000 - 66000 @ 2160), (N/A, 40), (N/A)                                

and yes moving cfg80211 to module seems to break r2 internal wifi-driver, if i drop the driver i can compile kernel without errors. so if you don’t need internal wifi (i guess you cannot use it in alpine, disable CONFIG_MTK_COMBO) you can compile kernel with cfg80211 as module (but i think this will not help much)

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@frank-w This did the trick!!

Getting cfg80211 as a module and modprobing it with “ieee80211_regdom=US” removed all the “no IR” flags.

So how do we get to compile the kernel with the internal wlan and cfg80211 as a module?

With much work,i cannot do currently…

Imho cfg80211 needs to be linked into wifi-module too or all function calls need to be changed

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Is there no way to define that variable inside the kernel, like pass “ieee80211_regdom=US” inside the kernel? That way I could compile a kernel with everything and that variable doesn’t need to change after.

As a dirty hack you can maybe set alpha2[0] and [1] before calling this:


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Uh, I hate to ask, but I’m no programer, to what should I set this? Let’s say for US or DE or GB? Should I just replce the COUNTRY=%c%c to COUNTRY=DE for example?

This should work too,but i guess you need to drop both parameters alpha2

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I don’t know what you mean with “dropping both parameters” but I found a static variable? at the top of the file and inserted U and S respectively but sadly that didn’t work.


snprintf(country, sizeof(country), "COUNTRY=%c%c", alpha2[0], alpha2[1]);


snprintf(country, sizeof(country)), "COUNTRY=US");

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Ok changed the line you pointed out, sadly it doesn’t work. Still “country 00: DFS-UNSET” and can’t change with “iw reg set US”, thank you anyways. If you happen to know anything else, I’m willing to try :slight_smile: