[BPI-R2] MicroSD cards stop working in BPI-R2

I am having an odd issue with my BPI-R2 board, where it is chewing up microSD cards. Four cards have stopped working in the R2: 1 x generlc, 2 x SanDisk Extreme, 1 x Verbatim

Three out of the four cards will still work if I use them in a USB card reader or put them directly into a BPI-R64 or BPI-R3. In fact, with those three cards, after they stop working in the R2, I can detect no errors on them on any other device. But forever more, the R2 can read the cards but not write to them. When the cards are in the R2 writes are not persistent.

Which os and which kernel do you use? Sounds not like hw issue

On that board it’s OpenWrt stable. v22.03.3, kernel 5.10.161

I’m not sure I agree. Any time a card goes bad, that same card can never be used on the R2 again. It may work in other devices, but not the R2. I can use the card in another device, then read it on the R2, but any write done by the R2 is not persistent. But I can use another card of the same type in the R2, and for a time it will work fine.

Perhapse clean the contacts?

I hadn’t actually considered that. Would have been a simple explanation, but no. I cleaned the contacts on a couple cards that stopped working in it, and in the slot itself. No change.

I have an AsiaRF 7915 card in my R2, which is heavy on the 3.3v rail. The R2 is supposed to be able to source 5A at 3.3V, but maybe the AsiaRF card is causing the 3.3V rail to sag a little.

I have such card already (mt7915 from asiarf) in my spare r2 for a while and no such problems

I’m running out of theories. Other than the board not being stable under stress.