BPi-R2 linux image deb package


I created deb package to make installation and testing easier. I will add other kernel version. You can also find the openssl version with engine crypto enable

$ dpkg -I debian/bananapi-r2-image_4.9.44_armv7l.deb 
 new debian package, version 2.0.
 size 24282724 bytes: control archive=284 bytes.
     199 bytes,     9 lines      control              
 Package: bananapi-r2-image
 Version: 4.9.44
 Section: custom
 Priority: optional
 Architecture: armv7l
 Multi-Arch: no
 Essential: no
 Maintainer: <email>
 Description: BPI-R2 linux image 4.9.44

$ dpkg --contents debian/bananapi-r2-image_4.9.44_armv7l.deb | less
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Hi! Thanks for the DEB-package! Where can it be downloaded?

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