BPI-R2 LCD connection

Hello. I have bought an R2 board with the recommended touchscreen to build an embeded controller, but didn’t find any tutorial about how to connect and drive it and I couldn’t figure it out by myself. Someone told me that there is somewhere a config file inside the Ubuntu Mate for this. Is it true? Than where it is and how to work with that?

I guess the display is connected to dsi port,right? At least for hdmi you need some patches you’ll find on my repo. I’m sure you need (some of) them to get dsi working. Touch is working with spi? Then you need a definition in dts for it. I bought a hdmi/usb-display to archive this…this is now working out of the box with 5.4 from my repo

I tried with this: http://wiki.banana-pi.org/7.0_LCD_touch_panel The HDMI with a normal monitor working, the touch panel do nothing.

Which kernel and which connector (i guess dsi) are you using?

@sinovoip how far is dsi-support in 4.4 and mainline?

4.4.70-BPI-R2-Kernel MIPI-DSI