BPI-R2 Kernel 5.4 - m88ds3103 support

Hello,i compiled m88ds3103 module for DVB-S2 card support but i cannot load it because some errors appear.

m88ds3103: Unknown symbol i2c_mux_alloc (err -2)
m88ds3103: Unknown symbol i2c_mux_del_adapters (err -2)
m88ds3103: Unknown symbol i2c_mux_add_adapter (err -2)

Please can you help what problem is there ?


maybe there missing module i2c-mux but i do no know how to get module i2c-mux.

Hi, more info needed. You write nothing about what you did to compile module. Which kernel? Which sources? Which toolchain? And so on.

i2c_mux_* symbols are part of i2c-mux driver and these symbols are exported as GPL symbols. To use them you (1) need i2c-mux to be either compiled into the kernel or loaded as a module and (2) your m88ds3103 to be GPL licensed module so it can use GPL exported symbols.