BPI R2 Home router / NAS suggestions


I’m new to Banana Pi, and single-board computers. I recently bought the R2 because I needed a fast 2GB ram router/NAS server and the R2 seemed like a good choice for me.

My question is which image do you recommend for this kind of purpose? I’ve seen the OpenWRT image but I guess it has a lot of limitations because it’s wip. On Ubuntu I know how to setup a NAT and NAS but it lacks the web interface for router which I really need. Also does Ubuntu come with SATA drivers or do I have to compile the kernel manually for that? About WiFi Access Point mode does it work?



ap-mode works so far with ubuntu/debian-kernel with manual starting (testing state). Infos here: http://www.fw-web.de/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=en/bpi-r2/wlan Not on openwrt.

for which functions do you need a web-interface? Webinterface can’t support all features,which can be done via cli. But it’s mostly a security hole…

Regards Frank

Thanks for the reply and info.

I would need some kind of bandwidth monitoring per client and port forwarding via web interface and overall status of the R2.

Also do you recommend putting a heatsink with thermal paste on the CPU? Does it improve the performance and lifespan? Is there somehow I can check temperatures because lm-sensors can’t detect anything.

Kind regards.

port-forwarding is a 2-liner in iptables…doing this over web-frontend can be a security hole. Do you change your forwardings so often?

system monitoring can be done with various web-tools (have none running):

maybe pi-control for lm-sensors, there must be support for the chipset (what says sensors-detect)? havn’t tried it yet…but also here debian should be the first supporting it (with actual kernel).

currently i have no high temperature on my pi (but don’t stressed it yet)…

Thanks for the info.

Do you maybe know how to control the onboard LEDs? or the GPIO?

Only with debian-kernel 4.4.70


Gpio are also working with kernel 4.14…leds are still unknown