[BPI-R2] Debian Bullseye image


i created a basic debian bullseye image with kernel 5.10.64 and systemd network config.


  • bpi-r2-bullseye_incomplete.img.gz
  • bpi-r2-bullseye_incomplete.img.gz.md5

wan is set to dhcp and lanports are bridged with IPv4

tools, firmware and wifi.sh for internal wifi are included (wifi.sh to startup, BSSID: R2_AP0, dhcp-server enabled)

ssh server is ready and with PermitRootLogin enabled (please disable for productive use)

u-boot 2021-07

user: root PW: bananapi

debug-uart-cable is recommended :slight_smile:

rc.local enabled, pppoe-service prepared (not enabled)


found 2 misconfigurations (will fix in next version):

  • lanports are not assigned to bridge:

create a /etc/systemd/network/lanbr-bind.network with the folowing content:

Name=lan0 lan1 lan2 lan3

  • DHCP-Server wrong configured (used config from my main router without bridge)

/etc/dnsmasq.d/interfaces.conf (disable all other options except for ap0 and add the following)


uploaded new version with fixed config.

added also a part from my nft ruleset to enable masquerading and some basic rules. apply with (maybe change path, as i have it in /usr/local/bin because of nft-script i have not added here):

nft -f /usr/local/sbin/ruleset.nft

Thank you much, Frank.

Got it up and running. Needed to because my SD crumbled yesterday.

I’m afraid, I’ll be having questions :smiley:

In fact it seems to be easier than I thought. The root-filesystem was on /dev/md0 (mirrored hdds)

I only pasted root=/dev/md0 and it booted. (with one hell of errors)

Next I pasted “bullseye” in sources list. Apt update, apt upgrade, apt dist-upgrade an there we go!

Once again, you did a great work!