BPI-R2 configure lan0-lan3 on Ubuntu 16.04 with kernel 4.14.34

Hi frank, @frank-w I’m using BPI-R2 as a network controller, which could receive each LAN’s data and send to any other LAN. Now , I tried to configure the network and PING to my HOST PC, but nothing reply ( Destination Host Unreachable ). PC and BPI-R2 are in the same Network-Segment.

I need to make sure each single LAN could work , meanwhile every LAN should never PING to each other.

My BPI-R2 boot up from SD card with Ubuntu 16.04 ( Kernel 4.14.34 )

interfaces (1.1 KB) This is my “interfaces”.

Looking for your infos. Thanks .


  • eth0 must not have an ip-addr

  • lan0-3 needs ip from different lan segment…if you want to use full /24 networks,you need to use ipaddresses like this:





thx a lot, this configuration works!

but must lanX be set as 192.168.x.1? I’ve tried 192.168.x.100 or something else, doesn’t work.

What if there will be many BPI-R2s (connected with other BPI-R2s via wireless MESH devices) in the whole network ?

Best regards.

No it can have any address in that subnet,but you have to use this in further config (gateway on client/dhcp/dns-config)

got it,thank u so much!