BPI-R2 CentOS lite image 2018-01-04

BPI-R2 CentOS lite image 2018-01-04


MD5: 48c39640bd6ce11331dfdce86543e194

Google Drive:


Baidu cloud:


is there anything new or why posting as new thread?

how about the Bugs mentioned here: BPI-R2 Centos / Nethserver

btw. title and first line says 2018-01-04, image itself 2018-01-12…it’s a bit confusing

The image in this thread and the image mentioned in [BPI-R2 Centos / Nethserver]

https://drive.google.com/file/d/15H42iEiBDVtyfe_upoOxvXAJibBdg9z1/view?usp=sharing6 MD5: 48c39640bd6ce11331dfdce86543e194

are the same. The MD5 hash is also equal. Just a new thread without history!

Please see the original thread for issues with the image!

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