Bpi r2 : can i use con4 for usb3.0

Hello everyone , I have a BPI R2 want to use CON4 (DIP2x7-200 NC\DIP2x7-200 which is shown in MT7623N HIF /PCIe /MIPI /USB section of schematic ) for USB connecction I do not want to remove USB connecctors and I want to use these 14 pins as USB pins. When I look at the schematic USB0 pins goes to connector. Bu USB1 pins are unaccessable . CAN I access USB1 pin through CON4 Best Regards

Afair 1 usb is mapped to mpcie slot which can be changed to the prepared usb header. Imho you have to change at least pinctrl to use other pins for the usb which are connected to the solder pads

Is there any pcb layout of BPI R2?

Afaik no,but maybe you’ll find some


Dxf shows placements but without the naming so not really usable. Maybe @sinovoip can publish layout files with part labels