BPI-R2 ad blocking with debian 10 buster


found pi-hole as a relatively good ad, garbage & tracking blocker with dns and dhcp server functions.

I’ve googled and found adguard, and some notracking stuffs on github, but nothing interesting!

Can somebody suggest another working solution for avoiding advertisements in lan environment? (preferring dnsmasq for dhcp and dns)

What do you use? Which experience do you have?

I use pi hole in a lxc-container and dnsmasq on my host where wifi & ethetnet-clients got their ip-settings and pihole as dns-server :slight_smile: (dns-forwarding is blocked by iptables).

Pihole uses host-dnsmasq where i have blocked additional domains (like facebook).

How do you block dns-forwarding by iptables? Simply just drops ingoing/outgoing packets on port X?

I would like to achieve ads free youtube, facebook, spotify, and so in lan. While abroad it would be nice surfing via 4G through my OpenVPN lxc-container. ( of course after covid19 calms down :frowning: )

For spotify there is git called spotify-adblock-linux, but didn’t test it yet!

${ipt} -A FORWARD -o ${if_ext} -p tcp --dport 53 -j REJECTED

edit: you need a chain “REJECTED” or just replace it by “DROP”

Yet another resource you could look into is ‘NextDNS’.

This is a professional service (which is free up to a certain amount of dns requests – which most home networks won’t go over). One needs to make an account on their page.

It works as an adblocker and it makes usage of https (so that your dns requests are encrypted for more privacy).

Thank you Frank, I’ll consider it!

Out of curiosity…

Why not use Openwrt with adblocker ?

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Openwrt! Furthermore as I’ve seen and read post about it, it’s not stable enough yet, is it?

But I might consider it regarding diving into new (for me!) stuffs makes me obsessive! :smile:

Well the Latest release of OpenWRT by @cioby23 from here

Looks quite good and works as it should, I will be testing it in detail tonight and will share some screenshots and test results.

Hello spikerguy,

have you got any news regarding openwrt test? Could you deal with them?

I’m still interested in it!

Hi @furumc Yes i tested it and it works very smooth, i am just waiting for the wifi drivers so I can make it my regular router.

If you have any specific question then you can ask me. I have tested the adblocker and it worked as expected.

you can try using the patch from @smaller09 in @cioby23 s codebase.

I think I will wait for @cioby23 to merge it and then I will try and test it. Currently have many things to do.