[BPI R-4] need help with configurations

i installed the mt7615 wifi module but i get really poor signal(10m max & and the driver is limited to 6db).

is there any way i can improve the signal? how can configure both 5ghz and 2.4? can someone share their configurations?

these are the antennas i use ant

6db usually means that the firmware is not loaded.

See dual ap section here: en:bpi-r2:wlan [FW-WEB Wiki]

i installed these packages. do i need to do something else to load the firmware?

do i need to uninstall the packages in the previous comment?

No, as these are the driver and firmware for openwrt…

i followed the guide and now its even worse :frowning: only 3dbm available

@frank-w can you share your hostapd configs? do i need to add interfaces to /etc/config/network?

i have no complete hostapd configs…i have only some specific ones afair for r3 which you can try on r4…not yet got wifi on r4 working (with bpi wifi-module…others were only pcie-test).


i cannot talk about openwrt specific things as i use debian :wink: