BPI NB-IoT development board ,also can use with arduino

BPI NB-IoT development board ,also can use with arduino ,all design with low power consumption

BPI-BC95 NB-IOT development board as NB - the application of IOT network module, integrated with BC95 module, STM8L152C8U6 master, the low power consumption, battery life can be improved to at least 10 years, supports various protocols of sensor, more adaptable to the application of P a variety of scenarios that can be used for wireless meter reading, wisdom city, security, asset tracking, intelligent home appliances, agricultural and environmental monitoring and other industries, to provide complete text messages and data transmission services.Also compatible with the arduino, let you in the process of debugging easier

Working frequency: 850 MHZ

Size: 53 X 43 mm

Power supply: 3.8 V battery power supply or micro - USB interface power supply (5 V)

Operating temperature range: to 40 ° C to + 85 ° C

Output power: 23 DBM

Sensitivity: - 135 DBM

Power consumption: Sleep: < 20 ua

Download: SWD

The AT command control: 3 GPP Rel - 13, and enhanced the AT command

BPI-BC95 NB-IoT use with arduino:

Instructions: the left aligned with the arduino VIN pin connection, connected with PWM7 pin alignment on the right.


before connection, remove the R39 and R38 resistance, or the master stm8 all IO mouth in a high impedance state, after connection, you can use BC95 development board interfaces on the power supply or USB arduino, absolutely can’t use the arduino DC seat of power supply. In the product practice, can transform AMS1117 power supply IC and LED to be removed, with battery power directly, to achieve lower power consumption.

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Is there any Android sample code for this NB-IoT board?

not ,this just MCU board ,not support android , need ARM board + NB-IoT module will support android.:slight_smile:

Where can I place the order? Is this devlopment board available for shipment now? I want to use Arduino with Cortex-M0 as the main board, is there any Arduino library(sample code) for this dev board?

you can send mail to [email protected] order sample