BPI-MT7615 module for x86

Hi. I’m looking at the BPI-MT7615 module for a x86 router project.

However, what I’m somewhat perplexed over is, the mini-pcie to pcie adapter. Looking at option such as this & that, they seem to be for mac wlan cards(?). Do mac (mini)pcie-hardware have different pin-out that “regular” pc dito? Or well… HP’s flexible LOM comes to mind…

I any case, do you have any recommendations on mini-pcie - pcie adapters, or are there other AC-card alternatives that works fine in ap-mode with preferably open-sourced drivers?

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend (take care though)!

yes , it support X86 , but the driver need transplant, you may choose Linux 5.4 kernel .

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, the driver seems to mature fine.

Are there any pinout documentation for the module, so that I can find or make a adapter to standard pcie(x1)?

(Best would be a recommendation or, that you started to stock one.)