BPI-M64 Android 6.0.1 build from source code, how to enable wifi

Hi I need build Android 6.0.1 from the source code for BPI-M64. It compiles without errors and I get the Android img packed sucessfully, Android boots ok but the wifi do not display any connection, keep in turn-on loop without display any network. I edited the kernel according to the old Android compiler configuration file, I modified this kernel part without any luck:

rootroot@cm-System-Product-Name:/home/wwt/a64/bpi_a64_android/lichee$ ./build.sh config

Welcome to mkscript setup progress

All available chips:
0. sun50iw1p1
Choice: 0

All available platforms:
0. android

rootroot@cm-System-Product-Name:/home/wwt/a64/bpi_a64_android/lichee$ cd linux-3.10/
rootroot@cm-System-Product-Name:/home/wwt/a64/bpi_a64_android/lichee/linux-3.10$ cp .config bak1_orig.config
rootroot@cm-System-Product-Name:/home/wwt/a64/bpi_a64_android/lichee/linux-3.10$ make ARCH=arm64 menuconfig

Device Drivers —>
Network device support —>
Wireless LAN —>
Broadcom FullMAC wireless cards support
(/system/vendor/modules/fw_bcmdhd.bin) Firmware path
(/system/vendor/modules/nvram.txt) NVRAM path
Enable Chip Interface (SDIO bus interface support) —>
Interrupt type (Out-of-Band Interrupt) —>
Realtek 8723B SDIO or SPI WiFi
Realtek 8723BS_VQ0 WiFi
Realtek 8189F SDIO WiFi
< > Realtek 8723B SDIO or SPI WiFi
< > Realtek 8723BS_VQ0 WiFi
< > Realtek 8189F SDIO WiFi

Please, anyone that tried this before? How can I solve this? Any help will be much apprecciated ¡Thanks in advance!

I continue looking for a way to add wifi to the android source code build, I see this link inside this forum:

So I think that I need do something more to add the wifi to the source, please, what is the right direcction??

How can we get the wifi working when we compile the source code?

I just see this, it looks that are the AP6212 wifi drivers to include in the android source code before build right? Or I can add them directly with adb to somewhere into the installed OS in the M64??

Please get me in the right direcction, what is the way to do that? Where can I find documentation or any tutorial to add wifi support to the android source?

EDIT: When I go to the wifi settings inside the installed Android OS in the BPI-M64, I see a strange MAC address (02:00:00:00:00:00) so I am sure that I need to add the WIFI driver in some stage of the build, or may it be done with adb?.

PLEASE, how to proceed?

Hey, 4 days and no answers?? Someone from Sinovoip Team please?? I’m sure that a lot of people had compiled the source succesfully with AP6212 wifi, please, any help will be apprecciated!!

please send mail to [email protected] , she will full support your project

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