BPI-M5 Review, Benchmarks and Giveaway!

Hey guys,

I’ve just published my review and benchmark data for the Banana Pi M5 (BPI-M5) at https://bret.dk/banana-pi-m5-review/ so please do have a look and let me know what you think. I’m very open to constructive criticism and ideas, as well as custom benchmarks if you’d like to know something in particular before buying one of your own!

I’m also giving away one BPI-M5 board to a lucky winner thanks to SinoVoip and the details for that can be found at https://twitter.com/bretweber/status/1557091281574191106

Thank you, good luck and see you soon :grin:


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Thanks for the benchmarks @Bret.

Per the comments, ~30MB/s over USB 3.0 seems odd. I’d expect at least ~100MB/s. Are you able to retest this, perhaps on a newer kernel (via armbian)?

I’ve replied to the comment that was posted on the post (not sure if that was yourself? :D) but just so that there’s a reply here too. I re-tested this and the “issue” was that the numbers posted on my initial post were only 4k blocksize numbers and I did actually spot and start testing/presenting data differently for future tests (the 1st being the BPI-CM4 review a couple of weeks ago) because of this! I’ve included the test data from iozone across the different block sizes now below.

Blocksize write   rewrite   read     reread   rand read   rand write

4         20592    25309    25994    25949    20378       25225                                                                
16        70797    87631    88474    88468    69870       87228                                                                
512       300279   310006   315430   323341   310296      316451                                                                
1024      313828   329275   325636   334065   326553      327316                                                                
16384     321152   320347   310962   314197   319285      320561