BPi-M5 only boots Arch-Linux sd card

Hi folks, last year I bought 2 BPi-M5. On No. 1 I installed OpenBSD, booting from emmc, on No.2 I use ArchLinux, booting from mmc. Both run fine without any problems.

Now I want to try another systems on No.2 and burned some sd cards with Debian, Ubuntu, Armbian, OpenBSD - and none of these sd cards will boot! Nothing happens and the screen stays dark. Connecting a serial uart to another machine shows me the boot process, but it stops when trying to load the operation system: Boot image not found. Removing the new sd cards and using my “old” ArchLinux card however works perfekt.

I tried several sd cards, I wrote images with dd, BaleaEtcher and even the Raspberry Imager - nothing works.

Any idea whats going wrong here?

Berni, without further ideas.

For Armbian, check this.