BPI-M5 official case assembly with double fan and copper heatsink

Hi all,

I used forum browser but I didn’t find help, hope someone could share a link from the Internet if had this doubt before:

I have bought a BPI-M5 with official case and double fan (pictures attached), as-build kit.

Double fan has black steel heatsink and tape itself, but it brings a squared copper heatsink for CPU too.

I suppouse I could cut a squared area in fan tape to use copper heatsink, or other option is to discard copper one.

Do you know any tutorial/wiki to install this kit properly?

Thanks so much

Hi @rpiflirc,

Sorry for not answering your question, i don’t have the answer, and i am a newcomer there.

I didn’t order any case, my M5 is bare and i was wondering how much lack of cooling it can sustain; i really dislikes fans, those consume electricity and can be noisy, so i rather prefer not requiring too much cpu power. I read your post while searching about heatsink requirements, this was the first one for M5. I will continue searching… But i didn’t yet run enough my board to know if i can continue to play with it without any cooling, not even a heatsink, i am in first discovery.

I guess you took a decision about using copper or not since this post … :wink: If you can give some feedback about your findings …

Cheers !

Why do the fans need a tape for? Wouldn’t it obstruct the airflow? I could be wrong but I thought the blue tape is to affix the heat sinks to the CPU etc.

Looking at picture, yes, i would use the blue tape to stick fan on the box internal upper side and the fan pointing down over the heatsink sticked on the cpu. I bought heatsinks and they come with a sticker already.