BPI-M5 not booting

Hi, i have problems with my round about half year old BPI-M5.

After running fine for some month with Armbian, it’s disconnected to network and don’t respond any more…

I powered it off and on again and the blue, green and red led are lighting.

Connected a Serial cable but the only output is “SM1:” if a press the reset key.

Any hint’s what I can do now? How can I get my data on the emmc?

Regards Christian

only “SM1:” four characters output? if not, paste the complete console message, is it boot from emmc?

only “SM1:”

nothing more.

Before it fails it booted from emmc.


have you tried to boot it from sdcard linux? if still get only “SM1:”, it most likely hw damaged.

Yes, I tried but didn’t work.