BPI-M3 Validation - USB2.0


Model number • BPI-M3 Android Version • Andriod 5.1 Test Equipments •Scope: Tektronix TDS7704B Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope(7GHz,20GS/s) •Application Tool of Scope: USB2.0 Test Package Application (version: 3.8.0) •Differential Probe: Tektronix P73301 • Single End Probe: Tektronix P72402 •Test Fixture:Tektronix TDSUSBF USB2.0 Compliance Test Fixture With Power Adapter •DUT Test Software:USB High Speed Electrical Test Toolkit (version: 1[1].1.3.0) •DMM: FLUKE 179 TRUE RMS MULTIMETER • Full Speed Device: Anglent 128M U Disk •Low Speed Device: Microsoft Mouse •USB 1 Meter Cable:Belkin Pro Series USB 2.0 Cable (28AWG)*2